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The interpreter console is divided into 3 sections:

Outgoing channels  

  •  Three pre-selectable output channels (A/B/C)
  •  Red backlit microphone button
  •  Cough button- for temporarily muting the microphone
  • ​​​​​​​ Clear display of active and occupied channels


Listening channels 

  •  5 pre-settable monitoring channels
  •  separate "Original" button for listening to the floor channel
  •  Quality display for relay interpretation



  • Loudspeaker with channel selector for listening to all language channels
  • Mute all loudspeakers within an interpreter booth as soon as an interpreter console is active

Additional features

  • Technician call and chairman call
  •  Auto relay function
  • Different modes for channel take-over for occupied channels
  • Acoustic Hearing Guard for signaling a too high headphone level
  • Peak level suppression to prevent hearing damage 
  • Speaking time display, cumulative
  • Message and "Speak Slow" signaling in connection with brählerOS software
  • Automatic deactivation of gooseneck microphone, when headset is connected.

DIGIMIC technology

Digital audio

  • latency time approx 1 ms
  • low susceptibility to mobile phone interference like bluetooth, UMTS, WiFi etc.
  • high quality digital audio: Sample Rate: 48 kHzFrequency response: 20 - 20,000 H
  • voice channels: OR + 7 language channels
  • 32 voice channels off autumn 2016

Audio device interfaces

  • ADAT input and output
  • AES/EBU input and output (XLR)
  • One analogue input (IN) XLR balanced
  • Five analogue outputs XLR-plug: 1 Master+ 1 separate for each line
  • Dante port off autumn 2016

Channel Selection

  • 5 function keys for channel selection, voting and further functionality
  • 256 x 32 OLED display (automaticbrightness adjustment)

Connection of units

  • UNITS L1 ... L4 (D9 connector) for up to 100 delegate units on four chains
  • or several interpreter consoles on one chain and delegate units on the other chains
  • line extension with power supply DExt

Microphone Modes

  • AUTomatic - Each delegate can switch himself on and off
  • AUTomatic NEXT/FLOAT
  • MANual - Each delegate can put himself into a request list
  • PRIOrity - Chairperson can override all other delegates
  • VOX - Voice activation

RFID technologie

DIGIMIC lean+ is capable of integrating RFID readers for access control. RFID functionality ensures efficient access management beyond the conference technology in the entire building with one card. Rights can be changed at any time and lost access rights can be immediately blocked.

International sockets

DIGIMIC lean+ can be combined with nearly all international sockets that take the respective country-specific requirements into account.

Please contact us for further informations.