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The classic of the DIGIMIC family

DIGIMIC classic is the classic of our DIGMIC family and a high-performance basic standalone conference system for large-scale discussions as well as for smaller groups if there are high demands for functionality. The entire system is controlled by the DCen central control console where the individual digital microphone stations as well as the DDol digital interpretation console converge. Translations are carried out from there on up to eight channels. Several hundred microphone stations can be switched in parallel through a cascading of the control consoles or alternatively by means of an additional power supply unit.

DIGIMIC classic is easy to use, is just as easy to set up and can be remotely controlled via software. This plug and play technology with no additional time-consuming configurations makes installation particularly easy. The microphone stations stand out with an elegant, stylish design for which DIGIMIC was awarded the iF design award. The system can be expanded to include a voting function or even individually configured and assembled according to a customer's desires and requirements. It is an investment in the future that is not only secure but also includes options for variable expansions. DIGIMIC can also be firmly integrated into the furnishings.