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DPU - DIGIMIC peripheral unit

- The DPU is a flexible and compact Connect Box that connects a delegate unit from the DIGIMIC family with a standard touch monitor. With this solution, the delegate has the full freedom to operate the brählerOSDelegate App via any kind of touch monitor. The advantage: The conference technology can be individually tailored to your specific needs. Intercom stations and monitors are independent of each other, with both in different versions and integration options, and can be flexibly combined with each other depending on the application.

The Delegate app is based on our brählerOS management software. It provides conference participants with all the relevant information about your event and enables them to update it continuously during operation. The application includes an agenda, conference documents, participant lists and contact information, as well as other elements. The app can also be used to call up the translated languages, hold votes and view the results. Like any brählerOS application, this app can be adapted to the event and the customer's needs.