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Fit into the season 

Technicians training at Brähler, Königswinter

tl_files/images/ui/initiale.gif Just in time, right before the start of the strong event season in autumn, more than 25 technicians from all German Brähler Convention branches came together at the headquarter in Königswinter this August to get “fit” and educated about the current Brähler systems.

Decreasing set-up times and more complex tasks require maximum flexibility from the event technology as well as the specialists putting the technique into operation and overseeing it during the events. Therefore not only the extensive, flexible application opportunities of the systems have been identified at three days of training, but also profound knowledge imparted in order to be able to use the systems with the highest standards of reliability and quality.

In addition to the training in handling the various systems, the exchange of experience between the participants had been foregrounded. Not only pure theory was taught – but also many tips and tricks covering the entire event technology were shared.

Brähler Convention headquarter in Königswinter was the location of the technician training