smart Conferencing

Network-based Conference Technology by Brähler

The Brähler Conference Operating System is a sophisticated operating system optimised for conferencing. braehlerOS with its individual application components and delegate app provides the ability for all kind of conferences to be maintained cost-effectively over time. Its software architecture is perfectly adapted to the DIGIMIC hardware.

It manages DIGIMIC® conference hardware and smart Conferencing software resources and provides common services for conferences and events. braehlerOS can be thought of as an conference brain, a highly intelligent operating system that manages and controls complex, distributed network resources and functions of your conference applications.

It gives you the possibility to manage all activated software component configurations, such a single or multi PC-, stand-alone or network based installations.

Brählers operatin System
brähler´s operating system

One Solution for all of your Events

brählerOS allows straightforward inclusion of Setup, Administration, Database, Webserver, License Manager, and Diagnostic.The conference modules can be individually combined, licensed and used as needed. You purchase only those functions you really need or want to use. In addition, you choose the period of use, from a single day to eternity.  

  • Toolbar controlled access to all functions and user interfaces

  • One click installation and updates

  • Automated system health status information


Updates are carried out automatically when required for all components in the system by brählerOS. Adding new features or regular updates are done with one single file. The Database server stores and administrates all conference data and information in one place, making these pieces of information available everywhere it's required.