smart Conferencing

Network-based Conference Technology by Brähler


  • Intuitive operation and graphical creation within minutes
  • Freely configurable layout screen
  • Working area viewable on multiple monitor displays
  • Display of the active speaker and the list of requests
    to speak including photo
  • User defined presentation methods
  • Highlighting of delegates through
  • Individual graphical changes




CamControl - Camera Control

  • Easily integrates a video camera system into the DIGIMIC conference surrounding

  • Works with SONY HD-SDI cameras and other VISCA
    protocol compatible camera
  • Allows configuration of unlimited number of cameras
  • Presets are stored in the camera, number depends on
    camera type
  • HD-SDI video switcher support
  • Camera preset configuration is saved in the room
    configuration database
  • Configurable switch-over modes



DIGIVOTE - parliamentary voting

  • 2 – 5 button voting mode
  • Agenda/voting item editor
  • Open/secret vote
  • Vote permission manager
  • RFID identification
  • Total/individual voting results
  • Quorum/majority rules
  • Advanced Abstain and non-voter handling


Speaking time management 

  • Speaking time
  • Speaking Time Credit
  • Assignable to:
         - Delegates
         - Mic Groups
         - Conference Modes
         - Conference
         - Mic Sub Groups - Group of Delegates

  • Visualization in Software by:
          - Traffic Light
          - Timer



IdentControl - Registration 

  • Writing and reading badges via RFID technology
  • Delegate identification, flexible automatic seat allocation
  • Individual activation of access to various functions, e.g. voting