tl_files/images/ui/initiale.gifDIGIMIC lean+ is different from all other conference solutions! Not just because we have miniaturised the technology of the microphone station to such an extreme degree that it takes up very little space. Its significant miniaturisation also makes the microphone station more compact, more visually appealing and most of all more flexible. It has therefore become a high-performance platform for precise integration.

We have created some exciting new ways of giving each individual customer exactly the product they wants! All of the functions of a microphone station can be flexibly combined with one another, arranged and expanded with the widest variety of data and media connections. That‘s DIGIMIC lean+. Each individual DIGIMIC component was redesigned, miniaturised to an extreme degree and optimised for flexibility so that you can take exactly what you need from the resulting basic modules. Not more and not less — always the right thing for the respective application, completely according to your demands and desired function. DIGIMIC lean+ makes it possible.



Product Configuratorx

With Brähler‘s Product Configurator you can configure highly complex and totally unique conference delegate units. The configurator functionality is designed to simplify the configuration process and help you to create your ideal product quickly and easily.

With our Product Configurator, you get the power and flexibility to handle and save any individual configured product which reduces planning costs, and differentiate your solution in the marketplace.

Features and key benefits

  • Guide users through the selection of product features, options, and dimensions.
  • Supports to quickly calculate price, cost, and other information, such as performance characteristics or engineering.
  • Decrease costs by reducing the need for engineering support in sales and installation processes.
  • Generate a wide range of configuration-specific outputs, including images, models, and documents.
  • Eliminate errors in product specification and pricing.