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DIGIMIC Microphones


tl_files/images/ui/initiale.gif The TMD/01 Shock Mount microphone is a professional electret microphone with ON status light ring indicator. Rigid microphone neck with two gooseneck hinges and high quality connector, matt black finish. Low resistancy to radio frequency interference from mobile telephones, PDAs and other wireless devices when operated within a conference room.



tl_files/images/ui/initiale.gifProfessional conference microphone, electret, with luminant ring indicator, rigid tube with gooseneck, incl. windshield, MiniCon-connector with fixation, black, length 360mm, low susceptibility to mobile phone interference, WiFi, etc.



tl_files/images/ui/initiale.gifBrähler's Conference Microphone TMD/382 has a new, inovative design with the illuminant ring at the back of the head, covering a wider viewing angle compared to many other microphones. The stainless steel parts add to the elegancy but are also a part of our new rigid construction that enables a very strong mechanical connection between the head and the shaft. At the same time it closes completely the RF cage arround all electric parts. The head cover comes with a new elegant conical shape to better avoid POP effects.



tl_files/images/ui/initiale.gifTMD-CL is a high quality conference microphone with integrated windscreen, integrated shock mount system and with high immunity to RF interference. The innovative mechanical design offers bride, wide angle viewing indicator ring with stainless steel completions and therefore a strong metal construction.

The unique feature of the microphone is the flexible connection between the head and the connector. Due to its small, compact design it allows you to easily clip it to your shirt, tie or pocket. It can be used to improve communication in noisy environments, to talk in comfort while holding a presentation, and basically allows a greater operating range.

DIGIMIC lean+ Microphone TMD/CL