High Power Radiator

The IRad belongs to the latest generation of infrared high power radiators from the INFRACOM product family. Up to 32 channels can be transmitted simultaneously in FM quality on different frequencies. The high-power radiator requires no cooling fan as heat exchange is secured by natural convective cooling and a metal heat sink on the rear guaranteeing totally silent and continuous operation.

The IRad only weighs 5 kg so it is perfect for portable use. The transmission output of more than 20 watts makes it particularly suitable in large rooms and halls.

Power is provided by an integrated power supply unit which is automatically switched on by a high frequency sensor (connected via a BNC socket) so no IR transmission means no wasted energy or heat output. A multicoloured LED situated on the radiators front panel indicates the presence of mains voltage as well as the operating modes of 50% and 100% power permitting easy visual mode and fault finding (broken cables) indication even from a considerable distance.

The infrared transmitter and high-power radiators are connected by means of a coaxial cable with BNC plugs which allow connection of up to 20 radiators on one single daisy chain. The IRad also contains a 120 or 240 volt mains connection socket for daisy chaining. The cabinet comes in black plastic or other colours on request.

The radiator is supplied with a swivel bracket for easy wall, tripod or ceiling-mounting.