Digital Central Unit

The Central Control Console DCen controls all connected delegate units (wired and wireless) within the DIGIMIC discussion system configures them automatically and is routing the digital audio exactly where you need it.

The DCen includes all common microphone modes, like automatic (push to talk), manual (request to speak) as well as Chairperson Priority and VIP management.

The DCen offers four independently powered D9 outlets to connect up to 100 delegate units on four branches. Also the wireless expansion unit DSpark is designed to be connected to one of those D9 outlets ensuring that all connected wireless delegate units are working together with the wired ones and as they were still 'wired'. Once a unit is connected to the central it is ready to use right away without any further adjustment necessary. The DCen offers a user friendly and menu driven configuration tool to adjust the setup to the local conditions, if desired. For additional functionalities the DCen is equipped with a network interface to ensure remote control from various applications, e.g. software microphone control on a geographical virtual microphone mimic.

For professional interfacing with other devices DCen is equipped with all common digital interfaces such as ADTA and AES/EBU. Two RS232 interfaces allow controlling media controls and robotic camera systems or vice versa.

For enhanced sound reinforcement the DCen has a build-in easy to use 4x5 audio matrix, giving the opportunity to route all incoming audio signals from each microphone line to a specific output. This ensures clear audio management for even more complex setups with in one single control unit.