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Brählers DIGIMIC multimedia unit

tl_files/images/ui/initiale.gif With the SMic133 desktop multimedia unit, Brähler Systems has developed a high-quality and modern conference unit that, in conjunction with the new software solution brählerOS, creates groundbreaking communication conditions. The display housing of the multimedia unit is milled from a single aluminium block and features an elegant and timeless design. The functions of a call station are based on the latest DIGIMIC technology. The 13.3-inch Full HD touch display enables conference participants to view all relevant conference documents and participate efficiently in the conference.

The Delegate App, part of the management software brählerOS, makes the SMic very powerful. It provides conference participants with updatable information about the conference activity while in use. Agendas, conference documents, film and photo material, participant lists, contact information etc., can be viewed quickly and easily thanks to the intuitive user interface. With the integrated language selector for up to 32 channels and volume control as well as a tuning function, with questions and results display on each individual call station, all settings and information can be done more quickly and more easily than ever before. And all this in 10 different operating languages. The size of the display provides participants with the best view of what is important - central information with a generous view.

The SMic with its large display is powered by PoE. The audio data are routed separately from the network data via the conference system in the DaisyChain process. This increases security and allows the conference to continue unhindered should the building network technology fail.

DIGIMIC hardware and brählerOS software have been specially adapted to each other, so that the existing conference system can always be extended to meet the constantly growing requirements. This makes our system particularly sustainable and future-oriented.

The multimedia unit SMic133 and other innovations will be presented from 6th to 9th February 2018 at the Integrated Systems Europe for the first time and will be available from February 2018.