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BRÄHLER DIGIMIC 32 goes Dante™

tl_files/images/ui/initiale.gif The new generation of BRÄHLER‘s DIGIMIC 32 conference system will incorporate a Dante enabled audio interface for both DIGIMIC system interconnection and interoperability with 3rd party digital audio systems. With its integrated network switch it can even operate in a closed conference environment without any additional IT hardware necessary.

The Dante audio interface supports a high number of channels therefore it perfectly suits to the needs of a multi-channel simultaneous interpretation system. Routing and distributing the interpreted languages is much less complicated and reduces installation complexity a lot.

With its Dante interface DIGIMIC 32 easily integrates into Audinates industry-leading digital media networking solution. As no special network switches are required, DIGIMIC audio routing works with existing network infrastructure. And it also works with hundreds of 3rd party devices for digital audio processing and interfacing.


  • Runs over standard network infrastructure
  • Automatic device discovery
  • Fast, simple and flexible configuration
  • Real-time network health monitoring and management
  • Easy monitoring with Dante Virtual Soundcard, fully integrates into Windows and Mac OS X


A Line of Products
All DIGIMIC products are inter-compatible. This means you are not locked into a concrete application scenario over the long term but are always free to adjust, expand, or reconfigure the conference system to suit the respective room setting.

DIGIMIC classic, DIGIMIC lean+, and DIGIMIC lean+ vision.

Easy to set up – and great Flexibility
DIGIMIC conference systems can be set up and operated in next to no time without requiring any prior technical know-how. That saves valuable time – and hence also money.
With Dante DIGIMIC integrates media and control for your entire system over a single, standard IP network. Even the most complex confernce networks can be set up and configured quickly and easily with DIGIMIC and Dante, making system integration simple. Together with the Dante interface, DIGIMIC handles the technical complexities for you.


High Performance, Efficiency, and Speed
DIGIMIC means efficiency in putting together the individual components. It means trouble-free setting up. It means high performance thanks to the latest processor generation.

Multiple Languages
DIGIMIC is just as easy to use if you are faced with the task of staging a multilingual conference. The console can handle all languages around the world; a preconfigured favorites list makes selection easy to run up to 32 channels and is customizable to suit your individual requirements.

Remote Control via the Conference Table
DIGIMIC’s new MicControl 2 software enables convenient microphone control via a geographical control panel. You can manage the conference efficiently via the conference table and set up and adjust the system in advance or during the ongoing conference.

You can control and operate more than 1,000 delegate units using MicControl 2. To do this you need DCenWeaver that synchronises all central units called DCen and treats them as a single overall system. DCens found in the network are automatically detected by the software. The detected control consoles can be individually connected using a button to fit your particular needs. When the program is restarted a search will be run for the already selected DCens and they will be connected automatically. This speeds up restarting. MicControl 2 can be perfectly integrated into this scenario to form a bridge between the networked tech-nology and the real world. Both software solutions meld the virtual and real world into one in order to bring more efficiency to the three areas (preparation, start-up and use).




DIGIMIC 32 is available beginning Q4 2016