AUTOMIC Discussion System

AUTOMIC is the next generation of Brähler’s analogue conference systems building on a legacy of flexible and reliable products that have been in successful operation for decades worldwide. AUTOMIC is immune to radio-interference as well as interference from communication devices such as mobile phones, WLAN or Bluetooth. Of course the new AUTOMIC system and its components are fully compatible with the previous analogue DIGIMIC system.


Elegant Design - compatible technology

The new AUTOMIC is a stand-alone easy to use microphone system for conferences. It includes all the benefits from the analogue DIGIMIC system that is successfully in operation for decades worldwide. Apart from the modern design of the microphone unit for the conference delegate, its flexibility and reliability, AUTOMIC is now also immune to radio-interference of mobile communication devices such as mobile phones, WLAN- or Bluetooth-Laptops. The new AUTOMIC is fully compatible with the analogue DIGIMIC system and can be used with its components without restrictions.

The APad microphone switchboards for easy and fast operation of up to 99 delegates´units can be integrated into the system at any position. This feature enables operators to control the system from various positions in the conference room.