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DIGIMIC classic


Live and interference-free discussions with
discussion systems from Brähler

tl_files/images/ui/initiale.gif National conferences, congresses, conventions and meetings rely on the interference-free transmission of the contributions of speakers to discussions. For smaller conferences with up to 25 delegates we have developed the DIGIMIC mini, a kit that can be modularly expanded with other DIGIMIC elements. For larger conferences with up to several hundred or even a thousand delegates – national and international – we have developed the standalone solution DIGIMIC classic, a basic conference system that can be modularly expanded. It can be expanded to include additional features such as a simultaneous interpreting function, a wireless application using DIGIMIC pro or a voting function using DIGIVOTE III. Speakers' contributions, for example, can be managed using the basic version of this system without expansion functions.

CDSVAN, in contrast, is a sophisticated high-end system with a broad range of functions, first-class audio quality and an open architecture that allows for modular software expansions at any time.

There is also our AUTOMIC, the analogue alternative to DIGIMIC – a solid discussion system for conferences, congresses, meetings or conventions with up to 100 delegates.

Quickly and understandably translated into many languages
with the interpretation systems from Brähler

tl_files/images/ui/initiale.gif Simultaneous interpreting is the most comfortable and common type of interpreting. Simultaneous interpretation systems are used for international congresses and conferences with several thousand delegates as well as for supervisory board or works council meetings with 50 people and numerous languages. The INFRACOM simultaneous interpretation system from Brähler Systems provides wireless infrared transmission of the language signals. It is just the right solution for when the delegates of a conference are to be provided translations exclusively acoustically (listening only). As a high-performance standalone conference and interpretation system, DIGIMIC classic with its simultaneous interpretation function offers eight language channels that can be equipped with several hundred microphone stands to enable translations of the contributions of speakers from the groups of delegates. There is also CDSVAN, a sophisticated high-end system with numerous potential applications and a broad range of functions, first-class audio quality and an open architecture that allows for modular software expansions at any time.

Overview of interpretation systems:

DIGIMIC classic

tl_files/images/ui/initiale.gif The classic of our DIGMIC family and a standalone conference system for large-scale international conferences in multiple languages for which interpretation services are needed. Learn more.


tl_files/images/ui/initiale.gif A high-end conference and interpretation system that meets the special and individual requirements of modern international conferences. Learn more.


tl_files/images/ui/initiale.gif A comfortable and reliable interpretation system that works wirelessly using infrared technology. Learn more.

Ask the opinions of delegates and interactively involve listeners
with the interaction and voting tools from Brähler

tl_files/images/ui/initiale.gif Parliamentary votes, elections, knowledge surveys, segment analyses or interactive quizzes with real-time evaluations of the results – all of this is possible with our standalone system DIGIVOTE III. It supports various voting and decision-making procedures. It allows more than 10,000 handheld devices to be operated on one radio frequency. Interaction and voting functions can also be added to our DIGIMIC conference and discussion system with no problem with the DIGIVOTE interactive professional and DIGIVOTE basic interactive software packages.


tl_files/images/ui/initiale.gifEin drahtloses Stand-alone Interaktions- und Votingsystem, dessen Anwendung für verschiedenste Abstimmungs- und Entscheidungsverfahren und Interaktionen möglich ist – zum Beispiel für Informationserhebungen, Wissensabfragen oder Spielshows. Mehr erfahren

DIGIVOTE Basic Interactive

tl_files/images/ui/initiale.gifSoftware zur Erweiterung der DIGIMIC classic um verschiedene Abstimmungs- und Interaktionsfunktionen, vollständig in PowerPoint zu integrieren. Mehr erfahren

DIGIVOTE Interactive Professional

tl_files/images/ui/initiale.gifSoftware zur Erweiterung der DIGIMIC classic mit komplexen Aufbereitungs- und Exportmöglichkeiten von Ergebnissen und Grafiken. Mehr erfahren

Granting, denying or measuring access using
radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology

tl_files/images/ui/initiale.gif Congress and conference organisers are increasingly replacing the use of traditional chip or access cards for access control with significantly less expensive contactless RFID solutions. RFID technology can also be used to gain valuable insights and generate statistics, e.g. about the stream of visitors or the length of stay of conference delegates at a seminar. RFID technology is also suited for developing your own business models. CDSVAN, the high-end conference system from Brähler, and starting in 2015 DIGIMIC classic can be expanded to include RFID functions.

Radio-frequency identification (RFID)

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is an automatic identification method that works well with the saving and accessing of data via physical RFID tags. The contactless RFID technology is increasingly replacing the use of traditional chip cards as well as other access cards.

Conference technology from Brähler –
firmly integrated into architecture and furnishings

tl_files/images/ui/initiale.gif The individual elements and units of the conference and interpretation systems from Brähler are not only available as tabletop models but can also be firmly integrated into the furnishings upon request. The elegant iF design award-winning microphone station of our DIGIMIC, the CMic, can be integrated into conference tables in a discreet and elegant way according to the specifications of the architects and planners, for instance. That‘s DIGIMIC lean+. Each individual DIGIMIC component was redesigned, miniaturised to an extreme degree and optimised for flexibility so that you can take exactly what you need from the resulting basic modules. We have miniaturised the technology of the microphone station to such an extreme degree that it takes up very little space.