Conferene Technology Brähler Systems

We offer our customers highly sophisticated technical systems that are impressive in terms of functionality and design. Brähler ICS has been manufacturing simultaneous interpretation, microphone and audio visual systems since 1958, and has sold and installed conference systems in some of the world’s finest congress centers and parliament buildings and for various prestigious international organizations, including the World Bank, IADB and IMF.
We set new benchmarks with things such as CDSVAN, DIGIMIC lean+and brählerOS. We always tailor the functions and design of our products to correspond to the needs of our customers.

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Individually-tailored, customised Solutions

Our systems and customised solutions are just as flexible as therequirements of our customers aredifferent. They can be functionallyand modularly combined for everyindividual need and every type ofspace.The customised integration of thesystems into the conferencefurnishings in the customer'sdesign is a matter of course for usand is one of our core areas ofexpertise.

With DIGIMIC lean+we provideplanners, engineers, systemintegrators and designers entirelynew perspectives for flexibly andindividually integrating conferencetechnology in combination with dataand media connections in an easyway.

Smart Conferencing by Brähler Systems

The new smart conferencing software development by Brähler offers you the perfect tool for conducting the widest variety of efficient and smooth conferences.
The network-based, modern client server architecture enables the distribution of various conference applications such as microphone control, registration of the delegates and voting management to various terminals.

With the Brähler operating system, brählerOS, we designed a completely new and future-proof conference soft-are for management, preparation, control,and wrap-up of one or multiple conferences.