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A solid, reliable and elegant analogue discussion system

tl_files/images/ui/initiale.gifWith AUTOMIC, Brähler Systems proves that even analogue technology has advanced and moved with the times. AUTOMIC stands for durable and reliable conference technology based on the analogue DIGIMIC system with very low susceptibility to high-frequency interference from mobile phones, WLAN devices or Bluetooth devices. Together with the Brähler conference microphones and a newly integrated loudspeaker, the new AMic microphone station meets the high demands with regard to audio quality and understandability. Its timeless design is also appealing and can be easily and harmoniously integrated into any conference space. Its colour can also be tailored to your wishes!

Another advantage is that AUTOMIC is compatible with the widespread analogue DIGIMIC systems from Brähler that are commonly used throughout the world. This enables the quick upgrading and modernisation of already existing analogue DIGIMIC systems from Brähler without having to invest in completely new units! The complete infrastructure such as installed cables, floor sockets and central control consoles such as the M95 can continue to be used. Only the units need to be switched. Due to their new digital programming, even larger systems can be quickly and efficiently set up and adapted to the planned seating arrangement. This spares valuable setup time and makes the flexible distribution of the delegate microphone stations easier for technicians.

AUTOMIC conforms to the international standard IEC914.


tl_files/images/ui/initiale.gifWith the AUTOMIC from Brähler, all conference delegates are connected to one another via the proven single-cable technology known as the Daisy Chain. The system cable with its secure-locking connectors ensures stability and durability, even under the most extreme conference conditions. The integrated loudspeaker meets the highest demands in terms of audio quality and understandability. Up to 100 microphone stations can be coordinated using the ACen control unit while the AProg programming unit provides a full overview. It can be used to assign seats to specific microphone units. Thanks to the new digital programming of the ID number of the units, even larger systems can be set up with ease.

Daisy Chain

Daisy Chain sequencing means linking the microphone stations together in a chain using a single cable. The first unit in the chain is connected to a central control console or computer. The next unit is then connected to this one, followed by another unit and so on, creating a chain that transmits a specific signal across all units to the computer or central control console.

Custom design

tl_files/images/ui/initiale.gifThe top part of the housing of the AMic microphone station is available in the different colours of white (optional), grey (standard), silver (optional) or warm silver metallic (optional)! The design of the AUTOMIC microphone units can therefore also be given a personal touch.